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feel your radiance, power, and presence.

I am a Transition and Empowerment Guide, Teacher and Healer.

I help you cross the bridge from mind to heart.

I help you cross the precipice.

I help you in your becoming.

My mission is to imbue your life with your radiant self, to live in full colour and expression, for the enjoyment of who you are, for the pleasure of being alive.  Live your life rich with meaning.  with your sacred self in deep connection for a life that nourishes you in all ways.

Where You Are


 You know there is more to how you are living. You know intuition and energy are here and a deeper connection with yourself and others is possible.  You know, but doubt and fear keep you stuck where you are.  You aren’t quite sure how to bring to life this next version of you, or where to start. You are so done with living a half-life, of feeling grey, small and restricted.

the work
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Meet Karen

Welcome brave soul, I am so glad you are here.

I facilitate  Sacred Soul – Body – Mind communication and connection that you can feel.  It is natural and inherent within you to discover the unique ways your soul communicates with you, and how you experience Soul and Spirit in your human self.  I am a guide who works intuitively, energetically and psychologically to support you as you come to remember and begin to live from this personal and sacred place.  Know that it is possible for you to feel this free, this alive.  You have the innate wisdom and power inside of you to connect to your soul and to the divine in your everyday life.  You can facilitate this connection yourself.  You can trust yourself.

Your YES

you are ready

You can deepen your relationship with your Soul deep self and live your life FULLY as you, in FULL COLOUR, in your physical body and into your physical reality.  You say yes to your beautiful life and yes to personalized support just for you, and the pleasure that comes with it.  You can feel free to be your sacred self in your full on RADIANCE, POWER and PRESENCE.

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