Let Life Pour into You.

Anything that happens from you living this way is so much better than if you lived as though your dreams were not possible. I help you through the precipice, the betwixt, the dying and the becoming.

You Secretly Love Vulnerability.

Reclaim Your Energy: You Do Not Owe.

Listen. Imagine you are in a field, with delicate and lively birds chirping. Allow yourself to be taken by the sounds.

Energetic Investment – Your Self-Worth is Not Currency

Have you ever thought, Once I have, ____________, THEN I will feel, ______________.
Challenge how you create in your life. The reason why you might not, may be because of a way you've been creating,

The Reality of Wishes

Take a deep breath, and make a wish. Make another wish. Make more wishes and never stop.
Instead of defaulting to needing to calm down or relax, what if the anxiousness you're feeling is your under-used creative energy?

Your Gift.

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