Meet Karen

Soul Coaching, Soul Counselling

With a Diploma in Existential-Integrative Psychotherapy, I am in private practice seeing individual adults over 18 years of age for one on one, private and confidential, Soul Coaching, Soul Counselling, Energy Readings, Meditation, Reiki and Yoga.

I bring with me 18 years of experience as a certified Hatha yoga teacher, teaching classes, including teacher trainings and retreats in Canada. I’m trained in Hospice volunteering services specializing in complimentary care with Reiki as a certified Reiki Master and certified Akhanda Yoga Teacher.

Welcome brave soul,
I am so glad you are here.

my wish

My wish is to share all of the gifts I’ve been given and learned along the way, with you.  For you to find your own unique way you communicate and connect with your deep self.   With practical tools with a mystical quality, create the environment inside you for ease, and joy to express in your body, mind and soul.

I support the enhancement and cultivation of deeper communication and bridging within facets of self ie: between the conscious and subconscious, between your adult self and child self, between mind and body, body and soul, spirit self and animal self, shadow and light. 

my practice

My practice is informed by modalities and techniques such as meditative, transpersonal, archetypal, somatic, existential-integrative, intuitive, mindfulness, yogic, and dream world work.

Each of us have our own unique way in which we communicate and understand ourselves and the world around us. I am here to help facilitate this natural and sacred dialogue. Instead of making you fit into a box of how change or growth should happen for you, I tune into you, listen to you and support you in your journey the way you are ready to move.

I use a practical and grounded approach to these spiritual and energetic explorations, along with meditative, and psychological techniques to allow an embodied integrated experience, personalized just for you. I honour your pace, timing and approach.

When many circumstances convince us to distract, doubt and go somewhere else other than here, you will learn to connect into what is calling you here, in your body, your inherent value in your being-ness.
Here is where you can begin to hear and feel your souls voice, and a deeper, practical yet magical relationship begins.

I facilitate Soul-Body-Mind communication and embodiment. It is natural and inherent within you to discover the unique ways your soul communicates with you, and how you experience Soul and Spirit in your human self. I am a guide who works intuitively, energetically and psychologically to support you as you come to remember and begin to live from this personal and sacred place. Know that it is possible for you to feel this free, this alive. You have the innate wisdom and power inside of you to connect to your soul and to the divine in your everyday life.

You can facilitate this connection yourself.
You can trust yourself.

Your Gift.

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