Soul Coaching

When many circumstances convince us to distract, doubt and go somewhere else other than here, you will learn to connect into what is calling you here, in your body, into your inherent value and in your being-ness. Discover what this means for your day to day life and the life you are creating.

Here is where you can begin to hear and feel your souls voice, and a deeper, practical yet magical relationship begins.

I perceive the subtle energetics within your field and articulate and animate them creating a map and orientation within your experience.  I identify your personal brand of patterning and bring language to your communication styles with life.  I work organically with you where you are at,  with what wants to emerge and develop in you and how to navigate your evolutionary path.   I support you in discovering your power in a functional way through the mystical.

We go deeper into the subtle energies at play in your life for long term awareness and growth.

Energy Readings/

Energy readings and healings are part of the Soul Coaching and Counselling, and can be done outside of a program if you want a tune up or boost, on your healing path. These sessions are here for your self-empowerment if you are looking to:

Soul Counselling

People see me who have an interest in a depth approach into the system of their being and lifestyle, into the heart of the matter. Coping techniques to address acute or pervasive feelings and patterns of behaviour are utilized.

I work psychologically and somatically, drawing upon breathing and mindful techniques, meditation, guided imagery, and I work with subconscious material through imaginal symbolic language and via dream work.  

I support people who are:


I tune into your body and energy which informs the nature of your class, including style, sequencing and timing and pacing, mantra, mudra, chakra focus, and pranayama. I also provide Reiki healing during your sessions for added energetic support which greatly enhances, mental and physical wellbeing.

I have a gentle yet strong approach to the way I teach. I welcome your soul, body and mind. I facilitate meditative states and movement for your health, your healing and the pleasure of you feeling alive and at home in your body.

Below are areas of specialty I can support you with:


Reiki sessions with me include, visualization, breath work, and energetic reprogramming. Meditation and other techniques can be recommended to compliment the nature of your visit. Sessions may be deeply restful or have a more interactive quality as you move through the energy.

Along with the Reiki energy, you will receive intuitive healing and guidance based on what your system communicates to me.

In person or long distance reiki sessions can be arranged. 

Your Gift.

My free video for you.


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