How do I know if I can trust Trust?

Is Trust something that doesn’t exist until you give life to it?  Is it just here and we have to learn how to do it?  Is it just here and we have to learn how to be it?  Is it already who we are and we just have to remember it?  Is it an action?  Is it entity?  Is it some kind of combination of paradoxes?
I’d like to introduce an important aspect of what it means to Trust.  I’m going to attempt to bring words to this, from my experience so far.  I’d like to focus mostly on Trust as an Entity.  What it is.  What it looks like.  What it feels like.  How it moves.  How it Exists.  Trust can feel like such an intangible energy.  I feel it has qualities of numerous other energies that make itself to be what TRUST is, as an energy emanating unto itself.  I feel it is imbued with Love, Faith and a God-like centre of Light Life in each of us.  Trust is a quality of who we are, not just something to try.  To Trust is to practice being yourself in such an unfathomable beautiful way that is born from the very Life Force Essence of who you are.
Life is a existing force unto itself.  You are life.  You can also interact with Life, similarly how you can interact with yourself.  Imagine interacting with Life in a way where you do not Trust it.  Imagine talking with someone you don’t trust.  Imagine sharing your heart with someone you do not trust.  Imagine asking for support from someone you do not Trust.  Imagine relying on someone you do not Trust. 
This sounds unsafe.  We do incredible things when we feel unsafe.
How on earth are you supposed to actually Live if you can not share your heart with Life?  How on earth are you supposed to create anything if you don’t feel like you can ask Life for support or receive Life’s support?  Can you fathom what you physically have to do inside your body do live in doubt and to try to create within doubt?  What does this feel like?  Contracting, fearful, appeasing, fighting, small, reverting, not enough space to breath and move and be allowed to be you to explore and hope and dream and smile?
Can you fathom what you have to do inside of your body to be able to live in Trust?  What does this feel like?  Frightening, evolutionary, exhilarating, freeing, dying, rebirthing, loving, relaxing in your body, curious, playful, joyful, more ease? 
When we talk about trusting Life, trusting The Process, trusting God, trusting The Universe, I’d like to introduce the dynamic of How you come to meet those energies.  How do you walk up to Life?  How you stand with and in front of Life?  We make these energies feel more or less trustworthy by how we show up to them.  We give ourselves experiences of these energies by how we show up with them.  Let’s say for the moment that Life is completely trustworthy, but you come walking over with your cloud of doubt.  What will your experience with this trustworthy Life be like?
You do not owe Trust.  Engage in the feeling act of Trust inside of yourself because you can.   Which btw, helps and supports everything and everyone. This is how you support Life and others because you ARE Life.  Everyone is a spark of Life.  Let’s light Life up.
Here’s the thing.  You can’t really turn away from Life, so to Live you have to turn towards Life.  Feel free to choose to do this because you know how you feel when you live in doubt.  Because you can not take the stress in your body anymore and you will not do this to your body and Soul anymore.   Feel free to do this because it feels good and alive and connective and you know how it feels to be living in your body and loving in your body.  Trust is an act of Love.
This is how you turn towards your dreams.  This is how you act and receive that which you are cultivating and creating in your life.  You Love yourself into living.
To feel Trust inside your being is a way of Being; it is a way energy flows and exists.  This energy emanation informs your cells how to move and change.  It informs your nervous system how to respond.  It informs your neural pathways how to fire.  It informs the immediate quality of your breath.  It informs your immune system how to respond and so much more.  Trust is a way to communicate.
Imagine you are at point A on a road intending towards point B on this road.  There are many ways to walk this road, right?  Some ways you walk are by choice, or by real or perceived force, or things happening to you and around you while you are walking.  Think of all the ways you can make your walk less enjoyable, difficult, and even painful.  This is what walking in doubt is like while you are trying to walk towards point B. This is an acknowledgement that while there are reactions and responses we can’t help sometimes and frankly feel like indulging in, there are times when we can choose to have empowered influence on our journey.  You can say yes to this even if you do not see the, ‘how’.
If it were possible that you had the influence in your life to walk down this road in more fear or more trust, which way would you try and walk?  Which way would you bring your precious presence to?  Which way would you nurture?  Which would you ask questions to and learn more about?
Do you see?
Trust is not just for a specific outcome; it is for your well being while you are living.

Trust is for your well being while you are intending and taking action towards your goals.
At first when exploring what it means to Trust, it might feel like a big part of it is opening yourself up to the vulnerability of the new and unknown to see if what you are putting your Trust into (putting yourself into) will meet you, and meet you in the way you want.  When it does, you then have a felt experience of Trust and the feeling of Trust embeds itself more in you.   This is important and we obviously need these experiences.  It’s not just that the thing, person, or action you are hoping for comes to be, (though paradoxically, more of what you desire to meet, can meet you more easily when you are in a state of Trust), it’s much more about you Trusting you will be okay if it does or doesn’t come to be in the EXACT way you thought.  You may be met less or even more than you thought. Because after you have the experience of being met in the way you desire, or not, you are still here, you are still alive , and the whole point is to live.
And you discover what the Trust has been about all along, that you can Trust yourself to be free to be you, and explore this whole being alive and living thing.
You then realize that Trust is a way of fully living, and how different this feels than restricted doubtful half-living.
You realize that YOU are Trust.
You have this one life.
What might it feel like for you to be fully alive?
Would you like to find out?

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