It’s never too late to live as though your dreams are possible.

I write a lot about possibility because this is where it all starts.

If you can not fathom something being possible, you will not organize yourself towards it. If you fathom something being possible, the way you feel inside and the action you take from there becomes life changing.

Each time I’ve come up to another deep evolution of myself and my life, I’ve come up against fear and doubt that what I want, what I yearn for, is possible. Each time I have to guide myself through this precipice of disbelief to belief. Each time my mind is blown because what seems impossible, irrational, possible for other people but not for me, has become not only possible, but my reality.

Change in perspective and belief truly takes courage and sometimes valor. The fear of looking utterly stupid to yourself and others or failing is a common protective mechanism designed to keep you safe in the known of where you are. When you are shifting what is possible, it’s not just a thought process you are asking to change, it is a visceral way your energy moves through your body. When you are alchemizing energy in your body, you feel it. Examples are shivers, heavy breathing, shortness of breath, tingling, laughing, crying, numbness, hot, cold, contraction, expansion etc. If it were as simple as just changing your mindset, many more people would have very different lives. Foundational change in your mind must reflect and move through your emotional and physical body.

This is why people spend so much time thinking about, preparing, planning, organizing, and over psychologically digesting the new belief in the mental realm. When you decide to move down through your lower chakras and bring your ideas and dreams into form, things move and feel very different.  Even allowing your mind to consider something to be possible when it’s telling you it’s not can be incredibly mentally and emotionally difficult. Resistance can be strong here.

Hat Exercise: Get curious. Get to know yourself. Think very small baby steps that are less threatening and more digestible to your mind. A favourite technique I use in trying out a new thought or belief is trying it on like a hat. I wear that hat for a designated amount of time that seems doable to me at the moment ie 30 minutes, and I allow myself to think, speak and act as though this new way of being was possible. I allow myself the experience of what this new energy feels like in my body. The baby steps is a way to practice feeling safe in this new world of possibility. This is how you can acclimatize this new energy in your body by getting used to it, used to letting it live inside of you and to get to see that you are okay, that you didn’t die. Because when we are talking about the change of belief of what is not possible to possible, we often enter into death/birth energy. That’s why it can feel so threatening and intense because the old belief and way of living has to die.

Safety and risk come up strongly in the field of possibility.

You organize strongly around trying to protect yourself from loss or pain, while you are trying to move into greater connection and pleasure. At some point you may come up to the, “fuck it” point where you realize you only have so much time here, that life truly is short. Perhaps instead you begin to feel impassioned, more inspired and excited and that moves you to test the new waters of possibility. However you end up getting there, pat yourself on your back because holy moly, you did it!

It’s never too late to live as though your dreams are possible. Anything that happens from you living this way is so much better than if you lived as though your dreams were not possible.

I help you through the precipice, the betwixt, the dying and the becoming.

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xo ~ Karen


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