Let Life Pour into You.

Become so that your dreams can impress themselves upon you. Let your dreams touch you; affect you. You will not think the nectar out of your dreams. You will mysteriously allow your dreams to unctuously pour into your psyche for an alchemy you don’t yet know, and you surrender.

Perhaps sips of your dreams you will taste in your day giving you goosebump nudges of where you are and what the dream is doing to you, for you; whispers of the life force that is guiding you into your becoming, inside of you and how it unfolds your physical reality. Perhaps like a waterfall of light, you will open and see and feel a massive psychic undoing, unfolding and it will be so clear and humbling that you stand there in the presence of the grace that is life moving through you. 

Not knowing how this all happens, is a gift. You are to receive the mysterious gift of your dream through allowing. You allow with your ardent vulnerability. Un-mar your dream from your overthinking and premature conclusions, drying up the moisture of sustenance that would otherwise infuse the sprouts of your becoming, the very essence of what you’ve been praying for.

Let your cracked lips of over-rational speech, moisten with impressions of deep psychic image, pausing them enough to kiss your heart of wonder, curiosity and love; where the lips of your heart and your womb part with thirst for deep wisdom so that they may speak to your life and conscious mind and infuse your body and life with the magic of rich feminine essence. Receive.

Receive the blood of your being, warming and enlivening with the unctuous nectar of your soul, finally turned on to the radiance of life itself, for the pleasure of being fully alive. The heartbeat of your soul you hear like a drum now, a deep pulse of instinctual force; ever present, ever guiding. You feel us all beating together. The sound of all of our drums beating in measured strength, each thump an affirmation of our connection, a celebration of our togetherness, never lost, just remembered, fortified and echoing for our ancestors before and after us.

Become a cup and let your dreams pour themselves into you. You will not think the nectar out of your dreams.


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