The Invitation

Listen.  Imagine you are in a field, with delicate and lively birds chirping.  Allow yourself to be taken by the sounds.  This is how meditative states happen.

  • You don’t MAKE meditative states, you ALLOW them.
  • You don’t make yourself fall asleep, you allow yourself to fall. (Or sleep to take you)
  • You don’t make yourself remember something forgotten, you allow your memory to return, (Or you let something in.)  When your mind tries to control, to make happen, the state is lost. As easily as it can slip away, you can move in again.  You are strengthening your ability to focus and to let go at the same time.

It is natural for you to enter meditative states aka receptive states. This is a huge part of creating change in your life.

There is a lot of focus on social media around: being a master, creator, making things happen, taking charge and crushing it.

There is complimentary missing language that whispers to us.  It has mysteriousness.  It is softer, often hidden under the loud voice of the mastery of orchestrating one’s life.  Both voices are valid; the voices of, “I create” and I allow.”  The nature of mysteriousness is just that, there is much unknown.  There are less defined edges, more subconscious, sensing, trusting, feeling, instinct and intuition.  We can initially feel less secure here so we like to hang onto phrases and approaches that make us feel in control even if it’s rigid.

Though, with more practice, you may become more welcoming of mysterious unknown places inside you, of their possibilities and potency within.  You can’t control the ocean but you can steer.

To grow your confidence in yourself and your inner communication skills, incorporate more of these evocative words into your days.  Feel how they move inside you.


These words can be the difference between asking: “How do I stop being afraid?  To, “I am open to receiving feelings of trust within myself.”  One is a closed statement that asks the fear and keeps you in the familiar fear place.  The other is a receptive open statement that inquires from trust, and guides you into new places of new mysteriousness.

I love facilitating receptive states for shifts in people’s emotions and quality of life for practical, embodied, change.


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