The Profound Language of Image and Feeling

Your dream world is part of your waking world.  They inform each other.  They are not separate.  When we think of having a relationship, to communicate within, who communicates back to us, we think of a person. Guess what? It doesn’t have to be a person in order to have a real, visceral dialogue with.  Life is so much more mysterious and magical than that.  I recommend using the term, “Waking Life” instead of, “Real Life” when making the distinction between Dream Life and Waking Life.

Your dream world is like an entity with whom you can fully develop your communication styles together and talk to each other.  Yes, dream worlds are much more complex than what I’m going into here.  I’m speaking to the dream world and the alive nature of symbol.  The communication or “talking” is different and you would be learning a new language imbued in image, symbology and metaphor.  At first you may find very little meaning and understanding as you practice this new form of language but with practice, and attention with your intentioned presence, you begin to learn.  Images in your dream world are imbued with messages.  Not all dreams have profound meaning, but I’m talking about when you feel to compelled to inquire about a dream, you can truly dialogue.  To interact with image, develop your sensitivity to inner seeing, and practice opening yourself to the feeling of image, along with the practice of discernment.  This all stemming from a practice in presence.  While sleeping, your subconscious material has the entire stage. (Generally speaking, unless you are lucid, thought that’s another post.) Before you knew how to utter your first word, mama, dada, you completely took in and understood your world through feeling, image, hearing, sensing, smelling and tasting.  Without understanding a single word consciously, you’ve been communicating and communicated with and taking in your world since you were born. (And pre-natal, but that is also another post.)  Your subconscious is accessible to you while you in waking life.  This dialogue/communication is so so natural for you.

Images are imbued with collective consciousness symbolism and personal symbolism.  For example, right now, see and feel the colour red.  What do you experience? Verbalize your associations with red at this time in your life.  Some people feel can feel grounded and relaxed while tuning into the colour red, while others can feel fiery and agitated.  Symbolism associations can shift so note your relationship to red at this time in your life.  Has it always been this way? Has it shifted?  You can do this with any symbol.

I’m encouraging an evolving dialogue and relationship.  Intellectually we like to arrive at a fixed place of information because it can allow us to feel safe and confident.  Arriving at places inside psychologically or standing on an energetic belief or platform inside is needed and necessary in our process of evolution.  So it this shifting or sometimes breaking down of this internal platform or foundation I speak to here.  The language of, “AND” and “BOTH” are what is creating this conversation instead of the sole language of, “OR”.  The quality of these words are different and create different environments inside.  Your Dream World is a unique environment.  Things move differently here.  What is unacceptable or impossible in Waking Life, is very real and possible in Dream Life.

To begin to deepen and discern your relationship with your dream world, you can try this exercise now.  Remember, your dream world is most associated with a sleeping state, but daydreaming exists too yes? Your image-ination, image-maker is available to you at all times.  You may do this exercise anytime of day, or before you fall asleep.

You may do the exercise as you read, or record yourself talking so you can close your eyes and turn more inward.

  • Dreamworld Connection Meditation.
    Receive a few deep breaths. Slow down.  Feel into yourself in this moment.  You are ready for something with your dream world relationship.  You don’t have to know what exactly you are ready for in words.   Feel your Yes to connect more deeply with your dream world.  Pause.  Feel your dream world right now as you sit here, as you are awake.  Feel the subtle whisper of your dream world here with you.  Feel your readiness and your yes.  You are here.  You have made contact.  Your dream world hears you and feels you as well.  Trust you have opened more, the channels of communication between you two.  Practice feeling trust that you have.  Feel what you are saying Yes to right now.  Feel in your way, how you are ready to tune into and nurture you and your Dream World relationship however small or grand.  There is no pressure here.  Choose what feels really good for you right now, possibly even pleasurable.  Trust the pace of your relationship as it develops.  In respect, and reverence for each other, and the mystery of life, breathe in and out and few more times.  If you, or your Dream World has something to communicate to the other now, pause and allow.  Words, image or feeling or all of the above is welcome.  Notice which form of communication right now, has the most affect on you and go with it.  The more you trust, the more you feel.  The more you feel, the more you trust.
    In your own way, have a moment to be in appreciation, gratitude or thanks for your meeting.  You will meet again.
  • Feel free to thank your Dream World for it’s presence.  I’m certain your Dream World is thankful for your presence.
  • Open your eyes and continue with your day, knowing this energy is here in you and around you, always.
  • Enjoy

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