Under-Expressed Creative Energy Can Present as Anxiety

Instead of defaulting to needing to calm down or relax, what if the anxiousness you’re feeling is your under-used creative energy?

Imagine all that juice, juju, good stuff, creative life-force magic that is you just spinning inside, going nowhere, but running itself ragged inside – the vata, the excess movement and air agitation of quick back and forth nowhere to go energy that is produced when there is no outlet or space for you, for your energy.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be linked with figuring out a trauma and what’s going on, but rather a simple direct link to you acting, to let out and share you in your special, beautiful unique way.  Discernment as to when to dive deep and when to shift your gaze.

This could be as simple as singing out loud by yourself at home, or stepping out on a larger platform and doing something bigger for others to engage in.

The point is, you are a creative force, a FORCE.  Honour you as the force you are and enjoy engaging in letting yourself out and living!  It’s not enough to know intellectually that you are a creative force, your soul and body need to DO it, BE it, LIVE and BREATHE it as an alive engagement of expression.  Your under-expressed creative energy can present in many ways, and symptoms.

What might your creative outlet and expression look like for you today?

Don’t get over complicated and turn it into what your life purpose is for the rest of your life; I’m talking about, moments of pleasure, to create and love it for the pleasure of being alive.

What can you do today?


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