You Secretly Love Vulnerability.

I believe much of what ails us and causes sickness is a forgetting of soul connection with self and others. This is the medicine so readily available for us. We are remembering it is here. We are remembering we are the medicine. Your capacity for vulnerability and love is beyond what you can imagine. This goes for me too. I am continuously surprised at what is possible for me and others, and our capacity for the depth of connection that we are so thirsty for.

To be soul touched with love, this is nectar. This is what feeds us.  This is what transforms and heals us. This is what sustains and flourishes us.  Health and healing is not just approaching your inner world like one big trauma puzzle you have to solve.  Feeling, receiving, giving and sharing in varying expressions of love is the balm your soul yearns for. When you have been touched deeply, you know.  You feel the touch of love in your breath immediately.  Your nervous system feels it.  You immediately begin to drop, to relax, and become more here. Vulnerability is the opening necessary for the deeper connection.

What if I said you organize your entire life around how you think you can experience love and avoid pain?

If you’ve been wanting more love and connection in your life, it may be because there is another depth of vulnerability within you that you are ready for, aching to be felt by you and by others, aching to be vulnerable for deeper love and to experience it more often.

We often associate vulnerability with being susceptible and susceptible as weak. I feel we journey here to feel and find our strength in vulnerability, to be open for deeper connection. To be vulnerable is to be receptive. In moments of deep connection people receive each other. Also, vulnerability is often talked about in moments of pain and yes pain does crack you open, but vulnerability can also be experienced through a softening.  You have opportunities to let flush through you, the tenderness that is you. This deep flesh of tenderness is what you feel the pain with, but it’s also what you feel the connection and love with.

Do you feel like you can only experience soul connection through a romantic partner? Only through platonic friendship? Do you feel it can only be found in a parent or a parental figure? Are you used to finding deep connection and love mostly with animals? Become aware of where you think love is for you, because you will absolutely look for it in places you subconsciously think it will be.

Are you willing to have love find you in other avenues than you’re used to?  You may have certain conditions under which you will allow love in, but what if love is coming to you through a different way, will you let it in?

I think we secretly love the feeling of being vulnerable. How good does it feel to be with people you feel more comfortable with, where you can be more of yourself with, more vulnerable with, with fewer guards up and the effort it takes to protect?

Imagine being open with just enough vulnerability, just enough rawness so that when a breeze with love arises, how immediately you would feel that nourishment, how deeply it would permeate into the veins of your soul.

Pick a declaration prayer that resonates with you or fashion your own. You have the power to bless.


#1. I call forth honesty, and loving grounded vulnerability in myself and others, so that we can experience the aching beauty of soul nourishing connection.

#2. I invite myself into loving and supportive vulnerability within myself and within my relationships of current and yet to come.

#3. I relax knowing it is safe for me to connect more deeply with others, and there is strength in vulnerability.

#4. I soften into the possibility of gentle vulnerability within me to allow me to more deeply connect with others.


Your capacity for vulnerability, connection and love is remarkable.

xo ~ Karen McKinnon


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